Part of the CLIMB remit is to provide training events including workshops, hackathons and meetings to train and strengthen the microbial bioinformatics community. Two new training centres were purpose built at Warwick and Swansea. In addition the Centre for Computational Biology at Birmingham was upgraded with CLIMB funds.

Bioinformatics Training Centres

Two new centres were built at Warwick and Swansea to hold CLIMB workshops and meetings. Both units were completed in March 2015 but had official openings later in the year.


The unit at Warwick was officially opened 17th April 2015 with distinguished speakers Randolph Keynes and Stanley Falkow, and also some science rap!

Features of the new unit include:

  • Large amount of Ethernet points
  • 95” screen that can be connected by wifi
  • Two 55” touch screens that can be connected by wifi
  • Video conferencing unit
  • Flexible furniture and layout for different types of meetings



The Swansea centre was officially opened on 22 October 2015


Training Events