Part of the CLIMB remit is to provide training events including workshops, hackathons and meetings to train and strengthen the microbial bioinformatics community.

Community forum

We are proud to give technical assistance and to provide tutorials through our CLIMB community forum.

This forum is for users of the CLIMB system and is the place to find documentation about the system and step-by-step tutorials. It is also the place to find updates about the service. We hope that it will become a community forum for people to share pipelines, data, experiences etc. with the UK microbiology community and to seek and provide help from other CLIMB users and administrators.

Bioinformatics Training Centres

Two new training centres were purpose built at Warwick and Swansea. In addition the Centre for Computational Biology at Birmingham was upgraded with CLIMB funds. All the centres will hold CLIMB workshops and meetings. 

Tutorials available through the community forum

Some of the tutorials available are pasted here below. For a full list, please refer to the online CLIMB Community Forum.

Creating and attaching volumes using Horizon

Nullarbor Tutorial: Automated bacterial sequence mapping, variant calling, MLST assignation and resistance screening

Ancient DNA – Mark Pallen

Using volume snapshots to duplicate or backup an instance

Metagenomics – Chris Quince

EDGE Tutorial: Green Vervet S. aureus

Running EDGE using an example dataset

How to: Launching a GVL instance

Training Events