An important part of the CLIMB-BIG-DATA remit is to provide training events including workshops, hackathons and meetings to train and strengthen the microbial bioinformatics community.

CLIMB-BIG-DATA YouTube channel

Bioinformatics Training Centres

Two new training centres were purpose-built at Warwick and Swansea. In addition, the Centre for Computational Biology at Birmingham was upgraded with CLIMB funds. All the centres will hold CLIMB-BIG-DATA workshops and meetings. 

Documentation website and community forum

We provide tutorials through our CLIMB-BIG-DATA documentation website.

If you have specific queries, you can send an email to This will automatically open a ticket and our team will reach out to you.

This Discourse community forum is for users of the CLIMB-BIG-DATA infrastructure to share pipelines, data, experiences etc. with the UK microbiology community and to seek and provide help from other CLIMB-BIG-USERS users and administrators.

Tutorials available through the community forum

Some of the tutorials available are pasted here below. For a full list, please refer to the online CLIMB-BIG-DATA Community Forum.

Creating and attaching volumes using Horizon
Nullarbor Tutorial: Automated bacterial sequence mapping, variant calling, MLST assignation and resistance screening
Ancient DNA – Mark Pallen
Using volume snapshots to duplicate or backup an instance
Metagenomics – Chris Quince
EDGE Tutorial: Green Vervet S. aureus
Running EDGE using an example dataset

Training Events