Workshop on Antimicrobial Resistance

3-7:30 PM London time (BST)
7-11:30 AM Vancouver time

We are happy to announce that, following the interest created by the AMR Hackathon we are organising together with the Public Health Alliance for Genomic Epidemiology (PHA4GE) and the Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance (JPIAMR), we will also deliver a Workshop on Antimicrobial Resistance on 15th October 2021.

Antimicrobial resistance is a global public health threat and this workshop aims to provide training on the following:

  • Use of existing AMR-related databases and resources (including CARD, NCBI, and PATRIC)
  • Theory and use of bioinformatics tools to detect AMR genes from genomes (e.g., AMRFinderPlus) 
  • How to compare and systematically report results from AMR genomics using hAMRonization
  • A practical introduction to bioinformatics workflows for AMR genomics

Are you interested in participating in the hackathon?

There is no prerequisite to attend this workshop, but familiarity with the Linux command line and some working knowledge of AMR and bacterial genomics is recommended. 

Register your interest here: we’ll get in touch

When and where

15 October 2021, starting at 7 AM Vancouver time (3 PM London time) and lasting for 4 hours and 30 minutes.
Virtual Workshop: entirely held online. Details will be sent to participants a bit closer to the event.

Preliminary programme

15:00-15:20 BST | Welcome and Introductions

15:20-16:10 BST | Kara Tsang (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, UK)
Introduction to databases and resources for AMR genomics

16:10-17:00 BST | Mike Feldgarden (National Center for Biotechnology Information, USA)
Overview of AMR gene prediction tools (including detection of variant-related AMR) 

17:00-17:50 BST | Ines Mendes  (Instituto de Medicina Molecular, PT)
Comparing and reporting AMR results using hAMRonization

17:50-18:10 BST Break

18:10-18:45 BST | Finlay Maguire (Dalhousie University, CA)
Practical demonstration: bacterial genomic reads to AMR gene reports

18:45-19:30 BST | Q/A – Panel Discussion

Organising committee 

Andrew Page, Quadram Institute, UK, representing CLIMB-BD and PHA4GE
Emma Griffiths, SFU, Canada, representing PHA4GE
Mark Pallen, Quadram Institute, UK, representing CLIMB-BD
Lisa Marchioretto, Quadram Institute, UK, representing CLIMB-BD
Finlay Maguire, Dalhousie University, Canada, representing PHA4GE
Jessica Boname, MRC, UK, representing JPIAMR and MRC
Carolyn Johnson, MRC, UK, representing JPIAMR and MRC