Introduction to Microbial Bioinformatics

A QUB and CLIMB joint workshop

A one-day workshop, including an introduction to the command line and cloud computing plus bacterial genome and metagenome analysis.
Suitable for academic and clinical microbiologists.

25 October 2018 – 9:30am – 5:30pm
Queen’s University Belfast, Medical Biology Building, 97 -Lisburn Rd, Teaching Room 1

Attendance is free, but online registration on Eventbrite required.


Detailed programme

Session 1
An introduction to Unix, the command line and cloud computing on CLIMB
Mark Pallen, Quadram Institute, Norwich

9.45  Talk: Why bioinformatics?  The hows and whys of UNIX?
10.15  Hands-on Session 1a: Launching a virtual machine, logging on, looking around
10.45  Coffee break
11.00  Hands-on Session 1b: Getting used to Unix

Session 2
Genomic analysis of clinical microbiological samples
Tom Connor, University of Cardiff, Quadram Institute, Norwich

12.00  Talk: Genomics for clinical microbiologists
12.30  Hands-on Session 2a: Sequence QC
12.45  Lunch
13.30  Talk: Types of question genomics can answer for clinical microbiologists
13.45  Hands-on Session 2b: Characterisation of clinical microbial samples using genomics
15.00  Coffee break

Session 3
Metagenomic analysis of clinical samples using kraken
Andrew Millard, University of Leicester

15.30  Talk: What clinical microbiologists can learn from metagenomes
16.00  Hands-on Session 3: Using Kraken