Introduction to Linux and Microbial Bioinformatics

The workshop, supported by The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the MRC-CLIMB Project and The Quadram Institute Bioscience, is hosted by Prof. Yuval Gottlieb (Koret School of Veterniary Medicine – The Hebrew University of Jerusalem).

It takes place on February 27 and 28 at the Hebrew University of Jerusalmen, at the Rehovot Campus on February 27 and 28.

This workshop is addressed to all researchers from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem who are interested in becoming familiar Linux and Micorbial Bioinformatics.

The course consists of theory and practical lessons focused on:
– command line
– handling of Illumina sequences
– TB phylogenetics
– metagenomics (16S analyses, Kraken, mapping and binning, assembly and SNP calling)

Participants are guided through the entire process of microbial data analysis. Virtual machines, pipelines and softwares for bioinformatics analysis are available through CLIMB infrastructure.

– Mark Pallen
– Anuradha Ravi
– Madikay Senghore
– Ebenezer Foster-Nyarko


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