The 9th Microbes and Food Safety Bioinformatics Hackathon

CLIMB-Big-Data and the BBSRC/FSA Food Safety Network are again organising the 9th Microbes and Food Safety Bioinformatics Hackathon in Cambridge, UK, funded by The BBSRC international workshop fund. This in-person event is just before the 9th Applied Bioinformatics and Public Health Microbiology Conference (ABPHM), also being held in Cambridge.

From 1st -3rd May 2023, we will provide an exciting opportunity to bring together key internationally renowned bioinformaticians with medical/molecular microbiologists, epidemiologists and clinicians to address targeted challenges in microbial bioinformatics. Through collaboration and innovation, participants will work towards improving food safety and protecting public health. There will be various activities, including individual presentations and team-based project work.

We anticipate that this dynamically stimulating intellectual environment will not only establish synergistic relationships in the international microbial bioinformatics community but also deliver impact through the development of new open-source software tools, new bioinformatics workflows or working environments, and at least one open-access peer-reviewed publication, all for the benefit of users around the world.