Updated Terms and Conditions for CLIMB-BIG-DATA

CLIMB-BIG-DATA Terms and Conditions have been updated to version 2.0. You can find the new version here.

This is a major update; the new terms and conditions explicitly outline the specifications of our free accounts, ensuring transparency and clarity for all users. Please read on for a summary of the main points:

  • Free accounts have access to a limited amount of resources and free account licenses must be renewed every three months. Paid users receive resources and licenses as specified in the quotation.
  • CLIMB-BIG-DATA Cloud Computing Research Environment offers Jupyter Notebooks, High Memory Machines, GPU access, and Virtual Machines. Access and costs are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • Users are responsible for data backup. CLIMB-BIG-DATA does not guarantee data maintenance and retains user data for three months after the license expiry.
  • Users requiring support can open tickets via Bryn. Documentation and tutorials are available online. The Discourse community forum allows interaction with other users, but it is no longer patrolled by the CLIMB-BIG-DATA team.

For further inquiries about CLIMB-BIG-DATA, contact climb-big-data@quadram.ac.uk.