Speed and flexibility of CLIMB-BIG-DATA tools

A revolution for microbial bioinformatics

Norwich, UK – March 2023 | Microbial bioinformaticians in the UK are now dealing with a tremendous amount of data and require a fast and efficient service to keep up with their workload. With remote work becoming the standard and international collaboration becoming more crucial, researchers need tools that allow them to work together and access their work from anywhere. That’s why CLIMB-BIG-DATA, already a key resource for microbial bioinformaticians in the UK, is launching a new and powerful service that is sure to impress every bioinformatician.

CLIMB-BIG-DATA’s new service offers a range of simple yet powerful tools, including Jupyter Notebooks, S3 object storage, RStudio, Conda, and Python environments and pipelines. With these tools, users have unparalleled flexibility and scalability to analyse big data.

One of the standout features of CLIMB-BIG-DATA is its ability to provide customized computing resources to all users, with powerful NVIDIA A100 GPUs that enhance speed and performance. The platform also offers a user-friendly interface and a straightforward subscription model, allowing users to access an impressive number of vCPUs. This sets CLIMB-BIG-DATA apart from other cloud providers and is sure to be appreciated by its users.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced bioinformatician, CLIMB-BIG-DATA is an excellent choice for your needs. For those who are just starting out, pre-installed tools and pipelines are available. Meanwhile, advanced users who prefer the command line can also easily use the system. Thanks to the intelligent resource management technology developed by our team, the same system can accommodate users of all skill levels, from beginners to intermediates to experts.

The new CLIMB-BIG-DATA service offers a level of flexibility that greatly enhances team productivity. Users can collaborate on a project within a notebook with ease, picking up where they left off the day before. When resources are not in use, they are automatically released back to the community, freeing up capacity. Additionally, users won’t have to worry about the physical location of their resources since they can seamlessly access resources across multiple sites.

By using CLIMB-BIG-DATA, microbial bioinformaticians can save time, energy, and money at every stage of their career. The platform is specifically designed to meet their needs, and once they experience the benefits of a cloud computing research environment, it will become their friend and ally.

Birmingham library will host CLIMB-BIG-DATA launch of its new service on April 17

On Monday, 17th April from 10am to 2pm, the CLIMB-BIG-DATA team will showcase their new powerful features, designed to increase the flexibility and efficiency of microbial data analysis. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet the CLIMB-BIG-DATA team and receive a guided tour of the new services. The team’s representatives will also be available to discuss personalized solutions and provide quotations, while developers and investigators explain the new features. The event is free to attend, but online registration is recommended to secure your spot.

WHAT: CLIMB-BIG-DATA new service launch

WHEN: Monday 17 April, 10am-2pm

WHERE: Birmingham Library, Room 101

HOW: This event is free; advance registration recommended at https://forms.gle/h17XP4WJ7fVFXjrh8