Newsletter – June 2020

Here’s some exciting news from CLIMB-BIG-DATA.

New Hardware is on its way

CLIMB-BIG-DATA is growing fast, with new hardware arriving in a few weeks. We are about to install 6x nodes in Cardiff and Birmingham each with 2x NVIDIA T4s. Each of those nodes has 64 cores and 1024GB RAM. We anticipate some downtime in Cardiff to accommodate the installation of the new hardware but will keep you updated via email, our website and Twitter

Are you writing a grant proposal?

If you are writing a grant proposal and think of using CLIMB-BIG-DATA for your analyses, please get in touch ( so we can help you plan for the resources you might need

New registrations remain paused

We are sorry that we have no spare capacity at the moment but we are aiming to release some capacity over the next 2-3 weeks.

Transition to a new set-up

There is an urgent need to do away with the GVL/Galaxy set-up on new VMs because of concerns over security. Instead, we will provide new users with VMs running Ubuntu. Please could you therefore spend a few minutes filling in a short questionnaire so we can work out how we can best support our community during the transition to this new set-up?

The CLIMB-BIG-DATA team is growing

We are appointing a new Cloud Computing Manager in Swansea and a Research Software Engineer in Birmingham. We will introduce them to you next month.

First paper acknowledging CLIMB-BIG-DATA

Sandra Pucciarelli and co-workers used CLIMB-BIG-DATA to host a web annotation and BLAST server for this study:
Horizontal gene transfer and silver nanoparticles production in a new Marinomonas strain isolated from the Antarctic psychrophilic ciliate Euplotes focardii Sci Rep. 2020 Jun 23;10(1):10218. doi: 10.1038/s41598-020-66878-x.

If you have used our CLIMB-BIG-DATA infrastructure to generate successful research outputs, let us know and we’ll celebrate your success on our channels.