Newsletter – January 2021

£1.2 million from UKRI to support CLIMB infrastructure

On 7th January, UKRI has announced a cross-discipline investment for £213m to upgrade the UK’s world-class research infrastructure. The funding will help UK researchers tackle major challenges such as COVID-19 research and recovery and net-zero goals.

CLIMB, who is playing a pivotal role in supporting the COVID-19 Genomics UK (COG-UK) consortium throughout this pandemic, will receive a funding boost of £1.2 million. This will support and expand the ultra-high performance computing infrastructure in Birmingham and Cardiff.

Read the full news here.

14-15 January: ARTICnetwork and CLIMB-BIG-DATA joint workshop on COVID-19 data analysis

Together with the ARTIC network, we organised a two-day workshop about COVID-19 data analysis on 14-15 January 2021.

All the recordings and all the information related to the workshop are shared on this page.

Feel free to take a look and to share the link: we planned the workshop so that everyone should be able to choose what to take or to do from this course at their own pace.

Swansea is still down

As anticipated last month, we decided to upgrade OpenStack in all our datacentres, starting from Swansea, which will remain inaccessible until 7th February. 

Should you experience any issue after 7th February, please post on

Are you writing a grant proposal?

CLIMB-BIG-DATA is moving towards self-sustainability: if you are writing a grant proposal and think of using CLIMB-BIG-DATA for your analyses, please get in touch ( so we can help you plan for the resources you might need. Click here to find more information about the user-pays model.

See you next month!