CLIMB to present at OpenStack Summit in Austin, Texas

Tom Connor will be presenting CLIMB at the OpenStack summit in Austin, Texas on Thursday 28th April 2016.

He will present an in depth depth case study encompassing the design and implementation of our system over the last 18 months; highlighting key pitfalls – and solutions – that are of relevance to anyone who is interested in commissioning or implementing a cloud infrastructure of their own.

The session will cover a case study of the implementation of a single OpenStack system, comprised of hardware that is distributed across 4 separate research organisations in the UK.

Tom will introduce some of the existing problems that are faced by genome biologists who work on research questions focused around bacterial pathogens, before moving on to outline how Openstack/Cloud has computing has the potential to empower biological researchers, and enable better data sharing and bioinformatics reproducibility.

The attendees will then be introduced to the CLIMB system, with some of our experiences around the implementation and operation of the system.