CLIMB to present at Genome Science: Biology, Technology & Bioinformatics 2014

Members of the CLIMB consortium will take the opportunity to introduce the CLIMB project at the

Genome Science: Biology, Technology & Bioinformatics meeting, in Oxford (01 September to 03

September 2014).(   This will be a great opportunity for the CLIMB

project to be presented to the Genomics community and for interested parties to learn more about this

innovative project.

Presentation schedule:

01 September 2014

(venue: Small lecture theatre)

11.30 – Chair’s introduction (Nick Loman)

11.35 – Introduction to the CLIMB project (Sam Sheppard)

12.00 – Microbial bioinformatics in the cloud (Tom Connor)

12.30 – Campylobacter genomics (Daniel Falush & Sam Sheppard)

13.00 – Discussion

13.15 – End